About DSR

Doom Shall Rise is the world’s biggest festival exclusively dedicated to Doom Metal.

The first festival took place in February 2003 in Crailsheim, Germany. Surprised and overwhelmed by the amazing responses from fans, bands and the media the organizers Frank Hellweg (Well of Souls) and Jochen Fopp (Mirror of Deception) had to move to a bigger location the year after. The Chapel, a former US military church in Göppingen has been the location since then.

Apart from giving bands of this often overlooked and neglected musical genre and their fans a platform and a reason for an annual gathering the focus is also introducing newcomers as well as featuring more established bands and bringing some to Europe for the first time.

After 7 successful editions and a break DSR will return in April 2013. 

DSR organizers Frank & Jochen

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