Doom Shall Rise 2003-2013 (English)

Here are our statements regarding the final Doom Shall Rise festival in April 2013:


2003 - 2013, 10 years DOOM SHALL RISE!

Ok, including the breaks it’s only the 8th DSR - but hey, when we started with the legendary first DOOM SHALL RISE together with “Die Eiche”-Roman at the “Turnhalle” in Triensbach no one would have expected what this would become! A bit later Jochen has found the CHAPEL, the perfect location for more DSRs and with his help I’ve organized things as good as possible. And most of you have supported us along the way faithfully, whether visitors, bands, zines, radioshows, etc. The visit to the Chapel was an almost religious family reunion.

When we first started out Doom was sluggish music for a few freaks, played by just such freaks. You could watch the Doom scene awake from the deepest underground  to new life, more and more bands came out of the cellar, others re-formed or were formed anew by a new generation of musicians. Many previously unknown bands were real heroes in the scene after the show at DSR. Well, just look at our history! Similar festivals emerged but none had the chance to become a new DSR. DOOM SHALL RISE is not just another festival - it is what it is, because bands, fans, our fantastic crew and the team of the Chapel merge to a larger whole over that course of the festival weekend. Jochen and I are of course proud of our festival but DSR is not just the two of us but everyone who have shared and participated in this event with us so far.

But there is also the other side: The scene has become bigger and bigger, many festivals are placed around us and you can also see Doom bands more regularly at other metal festivals. Many doom bands touring diligently, big labels sign Doom bands to keep their foot in the door. What has been a passionate little scene of equally passionate enthusiasts 10 years ago is no longer sooo far away from other more mainstream styles of metal. For us this means that we now have to fight with labels and bookers to get more or less bigger bands and play that well known “money talks” game that is spreading in our scene. And there is a point where Jochen and I don’t want play that game. DSR has been funded exclusively through the sale of tickets and shirts and it has been a hard struggle to keep things going. Another thing that’s different today: other festivals with corresponding line-ups are placed around the same time and do also draw audiences. So for the first time we are not sure if we will be able to sell enough tickets to break even. Making money for ourselves was never our motivation. All we wanted is not to pay out off our own pockets. Those who accompanied us over the years know that we have organized  DSR for another reason: real passion for Doom first of all. Today it is a struggle for us to get everything settled, our personal lives and obligations have changed. A passionate hobby has become an unpaid job. My Twins of Doom leave not enough time to go through with my usual organization in a professional way. The morning in kindergarden is over faster than you can spell the word DOOM. And late at night when there is peace in the house at last there is not enough time and energy left for all necessary work. Then I was really f***ing sick myself for two months (well, I am still) , the children also running in circles having all sorts of diseases winter brings along. So no, it’s not really fun anymore. And when you see that we who have started this doom-boom now have to fight for our place in the scene and with this high personal financial risk, that can only mean one thing: Without much discussion Jochen and I came to the decision that there will be no further DOOM SHALL RISE!

Of course this decision does not come out of the blue. Even before my “baby break” the thought was there. Then we gave it another shot but the unexpected bad presales are a clear signal!

We cannot provide the bigger and more acclaimed names to attract more people and this will not change in the future. We represent the “real” doom metal underground scene - no more and no less. For many of our regular guests that’s no problem - they welcome it to discover new bands. But with just the smaller group of real dedicated doom brothers and sisters we cannot fund DSR. This is a shame and EACH of these familiar faces we’ve seen at the festival for years will be missed very deeply. All the friends we made who have become like brothers and sisters, yes. Whether visitors, bands or our beloved crew. The thought of seeing these people no longer hurts, very much so! But we want to leave “our stage” with head up high and not fade away as just one of many festivals, losing private money and whatever. For 10 years we have invested time, energy and passion to offer you and ourselves something special with DOOM SHALL RISE. We think we’ve succeeded! Every party, every band and every visitor will remember DSR in memory as THE Doom festival, that’s for sure! In return we expect you to understand and accept our decision. When the “work” for DOOM SHALL RISE is no longer fun then it makes no sense to us to keep it alive. The current doom scene does not need us anymore - that’s ok, Doom has never been so big and widespread and certainly we have part in this development. And if the scene one day is not longer a “market”  and shrinks back to a small passionate scene again and the real freaks will talk about DOOM, then I’m sure they’ll also talk about DOOM SHALL RISE. Jochen and I are proud of what we have achieved and with this feeling  we want to celebrate the last mass with you in the Chapel on the last weekend of April. This is exactly what we are looking forward!

Stay slow,




I remember the first talks and meetings with my fellow doom brother Frank in the early 2000s. We’ve got to know each other through our bands WELL OF SOULS and MIRROR OF DECEPTION. We started arranging and playing some gigs together. And we’ve also played a couple of shows with our Italian friends THUNDERSTORM. One of these gigs happened to be at the Eiche in Crailsheim. If I remember right there weren’t too many people there that night but we started talking with Roman, the club owner about our idea to organize a real festival with international bands. He had the location and supported the idea. Other people came aboard and helped. Our brother Thomas, bass player in DREAMING, WEED IN THE HEAD and PETRIFIED who came up with the name for the festival and designed shirts and flyers for every DSR to date and some people who have been part of our crew on the festival weekend ever since.

So we started spreading the word in the summer of 2002. Doing no-budget grassroot word-of-mouth promotion, posting on internet forums, spreading flyers and wearing DSR t-shirts at all sort metal events and inviting some of our friends in other bands to play. We didn’t know what to expect and thought getting about 150 to 200 people might be very optimistic but possible. Two days after the ticket presales started we were completely sold out and more and more requests kept dropping in. So Roman checked for other local venues and found an old gym hall nearby. And then on the 7th & 8th of February 2003 with lots of snow the first Doom Shall Rise took place. The venue was packed with visitors, band members and crew. Even a fierce biker gang as security guards. Everything was prettty improvised but went down very well, despite a few people catching a bad cold when they wanted to escape the Doom for a couple of minutes. After the show we were cleaning up and sweeping the floor until 7 o’clock on Sunday morning and we were dead tired. But we were happy and very proud. Proud that we had to balls to go for it and proud of our scene and all these great people and band members who have travelled far. Who gave us so much trust and support and made it all possible.

A few months later I’ve discovered the Chapel, a former US military church in my old hometown Göppingen. I’ve introduced the people running the venue to our idea and they liked it and so we started working on this together. The rest is history and and from then on this has been the one and only location we could imagine DSR at.

Throughout the years we had the honour to host many great bands. It will be more than 100 after this final edition and many many more we were not abe to invite. We were able to present some of our guests for the first time in Germany or even Europe. This wouldn’t have been possible without the sacrifices the bands made to get to us as finances were always very tight. As Frank said we were relying only on ticket and shirt sales all these years. We are just fans and no smart business men and we didn’t want to plaster the Chapel with sponsor banners and lots of merchandise booths selling crap which has no relation to what DSR and the bands performing there stand for.

DSR is and was more than the usual festival. We had a certain philosophy. Apart from avoiding to sell out equality was another part of it. The Chapel has just a small backstage area but we really liked the idea that everyone is getting together and there’s no distance between bands and audiences once the musicians are not playing. Up on stage is not much different from in front of stage. What happens on stage is one part of it but also the gathering with like-minded people from all over the world. I’m also proud that we gave other organizers the confidence that an event dedicated to doom metal is possible. And I’m happy that such events have happened and are happening in places all over the world and that doom bands get a chance to play there.

I will cherish all the precious memories, encounters and magic moments we had in those ten years. But in the process of organizing this edition we have discovered that time has moved on. Our personal lives have changed and we are no longer able to give DSR the full attention, time and dedication it needs and deserves. Over the last couple of months I was also very worried about Frank and his health and I had my own stuff to deal with, too. As mentioned the situation for running a festival like DSR and keeping it alive has changed as well. Some people have offered their help which is really appreciated but in reality only possible to a small degree. Frank and me are the heart and soul of DSR and so we have come to the conclusion:

Mission accomplished - DOOM HAS RISEN!

I thank everyone who took part in making DSR happen. I hope we will meet and celebrate at the Chapel at the end of April.


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